12 Études by Claude Debussy - A Pianist's View

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"Ive invested a lot of passion and faith in the future of these Études. I hope you like them, both for the music they contain and for what they denote." (Claude Debussy to his publisher 28.8.1915)

The collection of twelve Études, Debussys last substantial piano work was written during World War I, when the composer was already seriously ill. In spite of the tragic circumstances surrounding their birth, the Études are lled with energy, light and the delight of invention. For a pianist, they present an inspiring challenge both from interpretative and technical viewpoints.
The writer approaches the Études from several angles with the help of existing literature on Debussys piano works and her own expertise as pianist and pedagogue. The book is directed to pianists studying the concert etude repertoire as well as to any reader interested in Debussys piano music.
12 Études by Claude Debussy - A Pianist's View