Goldberg-Variationen (vl,vla,vc)(Bartholdy)(score,parts)

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Värikäs ja alkuperäisteokselle uskollinen sovitus Bachin Goldberg-variaatioista, jossa jokaisen kokoonpanon soittimen oma ääni pääsee oikeuksiinsa. Sisältää sekä stemmat että partituurin.

Sovitus: Annette Bartholdy

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Bachs famous Goldberg Variations are chiefly elaborated in three parts. This observation sparked Annette Bartholdy on to transfer the work to the classical chamber scoring. The new Goldberg Trio thus now offers an inspiring work for all string players who would like to master this epoch-making work. The string trio version is so close to the wonderful source that no less a luminary than Bernard Haitink enthusiastically proclaimed: Its completely true to the original, whilst using the colours of the three instruments which the keyboard cannot give.
Goldberg-Variationen (vl,vla,vc)(Bartholdy)(score,parts)