Chaplin for string trio (vl,vla,vc)

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The Kid
Gold Rush
Modern Times
Monsieur Verdoux

Sovitukset jousitriolle on tehnyt Daniel Hauptmann.

From the preface by Daniel Hauptmann
Why Chaplin for string trio? His music is symphonic and colourful. Its pathos changes erratically with capricious charm. A challenge for a string trio! I am a fan of Chaplin, and I set out to do these arrangements for a pragmatic reason. Chaplins work was part of an idea for a program, and so I wrote down his music through listening to it, and played it together with Horst Hildebrandt (Viola) and Stéphanie Meyer (Violoncello). Thus, it was a selfish motivation and the joy this music evoked in many concerts that gave rise to the idea of making those arrangements accessible to others. Here they are!
Chaplin for string trio (vl,vla,vc)