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Jazz and pop - Ostinato nuottikauppa >

Big book of blues - 80 favorites (cto,pf/gu)

HL 00311843
Price: 36,00 €
Not in stock. Delivery time 7-14 days.
80 of the all-time best blues tunes in one jam-packed collection! Includes: Baby Please Don't Go, Caldonia, I'm a Man, Kansas City, Milk Cow Blues, Reconsider Baby, Wang Dang Doodle, You Shook Me and scores more.


Ain't Nobody's Business [Williams, Clarence] [Witherspoon, James] [Grainger, Porter] [Prince, Robert]

As The Years Go Passing By [Malone, Deadric]

Before You Accuse Me (Take A Look At Yourself) [Mcdaniel, Ellas]

Big Boss Man [Smith, Al] [Dixon, Luther]

Blues Before Sunrise [Carr, Leroy]

Blues With A Feeling [Jacobs, Walter]

Born Under A Bad Sign [Jones, Booker T.] [Bell, William]

Bourgeois Blues [Ledbetter, Huddie]

Bright Lights, Big City [Reed, Jimmy]

Caldonia (What Makes Your Big Head So Hard?) [Moore, Fleecie]

Catfish Blues [Petway, Robert]

Cheaper To Keep Her [Rice, Mack]

Come On In My Kitchen [Johnson, Robert]

Crazy Blues [Bradford, Perry]

Crosscut Saw [Ford, R.G.]

Dimples [Hooker, John Lee]

Early In The Mornin' [Hickman, Leo] [Jordan, Louis] [Bartley, Dallas]

Easy Baby [Dixon, Willie]

Everyday I Have The Blues [Chatman, Peter]

Flip, Flop And Fly [Calhoun, Charles] [Turner, Lou Willie]

Forty-four [Burnett, Chester]

Further On Up The Road [Veasey, Joe] [Robey, Don]

Gangster Of Love [Watson, Johnny]

Going Down Slow [Oden, St. Louis Jimmy]

Good Morning Little Schoolgirl [Williamson, Willie]

Got My Mo Jo Working [Foster, Preston]

Have You Ever Loved A Woman [Myles, Billy]

Hi-heel Sneakers [Higgenbotham, Robert]

How Long, How Long Blues [Carr, Leroy]

I Ain't Got You [Carter, Calvin]

I Just Want To Make Love To You [Dixon, Willie]

I Know What You're Puttin' Down [Jordan, Louis] [Allen, Bud]

I'd Rather Go Blind [Jordan, Ellington] [Foster, Billy]

If You Love Me Like You Say [Taylor, Little Johnny]

I'm A Man [Mcdaniel, Ellas]

I'm Ready [Dixon, Willie]

It Hurts Me Too [London, Mel]

Juke [Jacobs, Walter]

Kansas City [Lieber, Jerry] [Stoller, Mike]

Key To The Highw`y [Broonzy, Big Bill]

Kidney Stew Blues [Blackman, Leona] [Vinson, Eddie]

Kozmic Blues [Joplin, Janis] [Mekler, Gabriel]

Let The God Times Roll [Moore, Fleecie] [Theard, Sam]

Let's Have A Natural Ball [King, Albert]

Little Red Rooster [Dixon, Willie]

Love Struck Baby [Vaughan, Stevie Ray]

Mary Had A Little Lamb [Guy, Buddy]

Matchbox [Perkins, Carl Lee]

Memphis Blues [Handy, William Christopher]

Milk Cow Blues [Arnold, Kokomo]

My Babe [Dixon, Willie]

Night Time Is The Right Time [Sykes, Roosevelt]

Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out [Cox, Jimmie]

Organ Grinder Blues [Williams, Clarence]

Parchman Farm Blues [White, Bukka]

Please Don't Go [Williams, Joseph Lee]

Please Send Me Someone To Love [Mayfield, Percy]

Reconsider Baby [Fulson, Lowell]

Saturday Night Fish Fry [Walsh, Ellis] [Jordan, Louis]

See See Rider [Rainey, Gertrude 'Ma']

Sitting On Top Of The World [Burnett, Chester]

Smokestack Lightning [Burnett, Chester]

Smoking Gun [Bromberg, Bruce] [Cousins, Richard] [Clay, Robert]

Statesboro Blues [Mctell, Blind Willie]

Sugar Mama [Hooker, John Lee]

Ten Long Years [King, Riley B.] [Bihari, Jules]

The Blues Is Alright [Campbell, Milton]

The Lemon Song [Led Zeppelin]

The Midnight Special [Ledbetter, Huddie]

The Right Time [Herman, Lew]

The Things That I Used To Do [Slim, Guitar]

The Thrill Is Gone [Hawkins, Roy] [Darnell, Rick]

Third Degree [Dixon, Willie] [Boyd, Eddie]

Three Hours Past Midnight [Watson, Johnny] [Bihari, Saul]

Trouble In Mind [Jones, Richard M.]

Tupelo (Tupelo Blues) [Hooker, John Lee]

Turn On Your Love Light [Robey, Don] [Scott, Joe]

Wang Dang Doodle [Dixon, Willie]

You Shook Me [Dixon, Willie] [Lenoir, J.B.]

You've Got To Love Her With A Feeling [King, Freddie] [Thompson, Sonny]