Blues scales - Essential tools for Jazz Improvisatio(C-version)

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- Essential Tools for Jazz Improvisation -

Tämä erinomainen opas neuvoo, miten duuri- ja mollibluesasteikoita käytetään jazzsoolojen rakentamiseen. Opas sopii monentasoisille soittajille: se on korvaamaton aloittelijoille, täydellinen keskitason oppilaille ja hyödyllinen jopa myös ammattitason muusikoille.
Mukana tulevalla CD-levyllä on harjoitusten play-a-long -versiot harjoittelua varten.

Upeat transkriptioita seuraavilta artisteilta: Miles Davies, Dizzy Gillespie, Lester Young, Oscar Peterson, Dave Sanborn, Michael Brecker. Transkriptiot havainnollistavat, miten bluesasteikoita sovelletaan käytännössä jazzin eri tyyleissä.

88 sivua + CD-levy
Saatavana C, Bb, Eb ja kitara-versioina

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THIS GROUND-BREAKING BOOK/CD package will show you (or your students) how to use the Major and Minor Blues Scales to improvise meaningful solos without having to first master all the scales and chords of a tune.

GOOD FOR ALL LEVELS - Essential for beginners, perfect for intermediate students, and even useful for professional players to hone their skills on this crucialóand often neglectedópart of the jazz language.

ACCOMPANYING CD And it also gives the student numerous play-along tracks to practice with.

GREAT TRANSCRIPTIONS from Miles, Dizzy Gillespie, Lester Young, Oscar Peterson, Dave Sanborn, Michael Brecker and many more, showing how the Blues Scales are actually used in various styles of jazz.

- step-by-step exercises to get beginning students able to quickly solo using the two basic Blues Scales
- extensive dictionary of classic Major and Minor Blues Scale phrases
- help with transposing the ideas learned into other keys
- numerous ways to expand the Blues Scales to make them even more useful
- appendices for advanced players showing how the masters of jazz use the Blues Scales in their own playing.

88 page text, plus CD.
Available in C, Bb, Eb and Guitar versions.
Blues scales - Essential tools for Jazz Improvisatio(C-version)