Complete Works for Violin and Piano 2 (vl,pf)

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Sonata G major K. 379 (373a)
Sonata F major K. 376 (374d)
Sonata F major K. 377 (374e)
Sonata E-flat major K. 380 (374f)
Sonata B-flat major K. 454
Sonata E-flat major K. 481
Sonata A major K. 526
Sonata F major K. 547
Twelve Variations in G major on the French song "La Bergère Célimène" K. 359 (374a)
Six Variations in G minor on the French song "Au bord d'une fontaine" ("Hélas, j'ai perdu mon amant") K. 360 (374b)

Andante and Allegretto in C major K. 404 (385d)
II. Three Sonata Fragments completed by Maximilian Stadler:
I. First Movement of a Sonata in B-flat major K. 372
II. Sonata C major K. 403 (385c)
III. Andante and Fugue from a Sonata in A major K. 402 (385e)
Complete Works for Violin and Piano 2 (vl,pf)