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Kamarimusiikki, muut kokoonpanot - Ostinato nuottikauppa >

Classical Guitar Collection (gu)

F 538797
Hinta: 32,00 €
Valtz Op.7 No.6) (Aguado)
Asturias (Leyenda) (Albeniz)
Spanish Romance (Anon)
Scherzo (Op.107) (Arnold)
Arietta (Op.107) (Arnold)
I (Two Preludes) (J.S. Bach)
Courante (from suite in E minor) (J.S. Bach)
Sarabande (from suite in E minor) (J.S. Bach)
Bouree in E minor (BWV 996) (J.S. Bach)
Aria (Brescianello)
Gavotta (Brescianello)
Allemande (suite in E minor)(Buxtehude)
Courante (from suite in E minor) (Buxtehude)
Sarabande (from suite in E minor) (Buxtehude)
Gigue (from suite in E minor) (Buxtehude)
Sicilienne (Op. 34 No.2) (Carulli)
Sonata 2 (Cimarosa)
La Fille aux Chevaux de Lin (Two Preludes) (Debussy)
Minstrels (Two Preludes) (Debussy)
Andante Sostenuto (from Sonata in F major) (Diabelli)
Ejercicio: Allegretto (Ferrer)
Vals (Ferrer)
Sarabande (suite in A minor) (Froberger)
Gigue (suite in A minor) (Froberger)
Valse (Three Lyric Pieces op.12) (Grieg)
Watchmans Song (Three Lyric Pieces) (Grieg)
Fairy Dance (Three Lyric Pieces) (Grieg)
Etude Allegro Spiritoso (Guiliani)
Lecon (Guiliani)
La Catedral (Mangore)
A Winter Landscape (Little Suite For Guitar) (Maw)
Landler (Op.9 No.4) (Mertz)
Landler (Op.9 No.5) (Mertz)
Gaillarde (Morlaye)
Larghetto and Allegro (Mozart)
Air (Four pieces) (Purcell)
Rondo (Four Pieces) (Purcell)
Minuet (Four Pieces) (Purcell)
Hornpipe (Four Pieces) (Purcell)
Maria Luisa: Mazurka (Sagreras)
Nostalgia: Petite Melodie (Sagreras)
Theme with Variations (Schumann)
Into The Dreaming (Sculthorpe)
Etude (Op.31 No.23) (Sor)
Waltz (Op.7 No.1 (Strauss)
Waltz (Op.7 No.3) (Strauss)
Strauss, JohannCapricho Arabe (Tarrega)
Recurdos de la Alhambra (Tarrega)
Classical Guitar Collection (gu)