Sonata 2 (vla,pf)

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Josef Schelb oli musiikkia rakastavan maalaislääkärin viides poika, syntyisin Bad Krozingerin -kaupungista lähellä Freiburgia. Schelb opiskeli musiikkia Sveitsissä, Baselin ja Geneven konservatorioissa.

With his 2nd Viola Sonata from 1959, Josef Schelb (18941977) gave the viola a representative work with the potential for a significant concert career despite the wealth of repertoire of this instrument, which has been popular from the Baroque to the present.

Josef Schelb, an exponent of the 20th-centurys so-called classical modernism, knew how to use a wide range of the instruments tonal possibilities for his typical, unmistakable personal style of those years, combining atonal-to-dodecaphonic structures with contrapuntal composing techniques. In the works four movements, sharply contrasting in tempo and expression, the emotional tension ranges from a lyrical, contemplative inwardness via a humorous, dance-like ease to expressive, rhythmically intricate staccato formulas. Originality, compositional mastery, inventiveness, and high viola characterstics coupled with a considerable demand of virtuosity are features of this work, now available for the first time in a published edition.
Sonata 2 (vla,pf)