Sinfonia 4 a op 63 (Complete Works I/5)(score)

SON 635
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edited by the National Library of Finland and the Sibelius Society of Finland
Series I (Orchestral works) Vol. 5: Symphony No. 4 in A minor Op. 63 edited by Tuija Wicklund

In the fall of 1909 Sibelius wrote in his diary: At Koli! One of the greatest impressions in my life. Plans [for] La Montagne! These plans proved to be for the Fourth Symphony. The composition process was not an easy one and in the end according to his diary Sibelius was struggling with God! and only just able to finish the work in time for the premiere in spring 1911: My new symphony is a total protest against present-day compositions. Nothing absolutely nothing of the circus [in it]. This extraordinary work was at first found difficult to understand although its technical brilliance was recognized. The appreciation of the Fourth has, however, grown in the course of the years.

Original quote: Meine neue Sinfonie ist eine vollständige Protest gegen d. Compositionen heutzutage. Nichts absolut nichts vom Cirkus.
Sinfonia 4 a op 63 (Complete Works I/5)(score)