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Puhallinkamarimusiikki - Ostinato nuottikauppa >

Guitar Duet Collection (2gu)

ED 20886
Hinta: 30,70 €
Ei varastossa. Toimitusaika 7-14 vrk.
The duos compiled in this edition will give guitarists the opportunity to pay attention to the dialogue, i.e. to practice ensemble playing with a keen ear. Duet playing is one of the most valuable and most important parts of the education, training and development of a musician. This collection contains a number of less known classical and Romantic pieces which are worth discovering. On the other hand, it also contains 'evergreens' such as Por una Cabeza by the king of tango, Carlos Gardel - which can be heard in no less than 15 films, including Schindler's List (Itzhak Perlman played the violin) and Scent of a Woman (Al Pacino danced) - as well as one of Scott Joplin's unforgettable ragtimes: The Strenuous Life. The dialogue style of the compositions suggests that parts should be exchanged ad libitum within individual works in the case of repetition.


- E. Bayer: Ländler, op 37/1 und 2 from "Sechs Ländler"
- F. Brand: Valse, op. No. 2 from "XII Valses"
- F. Carulli: Allegretto, op. 69/3 from "Choix de 24 Ariettes connues"
- Andantino, op. 69/2 from "Choix de 24 Ariettes connues"
- Duo, op. 90/1 from "Trois Petits Duos Nocturnes"
- Duo, op. 128/1 from "Trois Petits Duos Nocturnes"
- Largo, op. 69/1 from "Choix de 24 Ariettes connues"
- Rondo from "Trois Petits Duos Nocturnes", op. 90/3
- E. Donato: A Media Luz
- Tango Milonga
- D. Fortea: Sonata
- C. Gardel: Por una Cabeza
- Tango Canción
- C.W. Glover: The Rose of Tralee
- Irish folk song
- C. Gomes: Quem Sabe
- A. Hume: Flow gently, sweet Afton
- Scottish folk song
- S. Joplin: The Strenuous Life
- A Ragtime two step
- E. Nazareth: Atrevedinha
- Polka
- W. Neuland: Galopade
- Divertissement, op. 6/6 from "Six Divertissements"
- P. Pettoletti: Andante from "Mes Souvenirs"
- Divertissements, op. 6
- Pastorale from "Mes Souvenirs"
- Divertissements, op. 6