28 American art songs (high)(cto,pf)

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Ernst Bacon: Its all I have to bring

Samuel Barber: The Crucifixion
The Daisies
Hey nonny no!
The Monk and His Cat
Mother, I cannot mind my wheel
A Slumber Song of the Madonna
Sure on this shining night

Paul Bowles: Cabin
Heavenly Grass
Sugar in the Cane

Theodore Chanler: The Lamb

Ernest Charles: When I Have Sung My Song

John Duke: Loveliest of Trees

Richard Hageman: Do not go, my love

Lee Hoiby: Where the Music Comes From

Carles Ives: In the mornin; Serenity

Herbert Kingsley: The Green Dog

Charles Naginski: The Pasture

John Jacob Niles: Black is the color of my true loves hair
Go way from my window
The Lass from the Low Countree

Gladys Rich: American Lullaby

William Roy: This Little Rose

John Sacco: Brother Will, Brother John

William Schuman: Holiday Song
Orpheus with his lute