Straube Code.Deciphering the Metronome Marks

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Stewen,Henrico: Straube Code. Deciphering the Metronome Marks in Max Reger's Organ Music

Helsinki 2008. 32 pages. ISBN 978-952-5531-38-1.

Max Reger used double-beat metronome notation until about 1908. As a result, it is generally believed that the tempos indicated in Karl Straube's Reger editions from 1912 and 1919 are about twice as slow as those of the original editions. Shedding new light on that apparent discrepancy, this study offers new perspectives on the controversial theory of metronome notations set forth by Willem Retze Talsma in 1980.
Straube Code.Deciphering the Metronome Marks