Who Knew? Answers to Questions about Classical Music you Never Thought to Ask

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Saavatko jousisiuttajat enemmän palkkaa kuin muut orkesterimuusikot, koska he soittavat enemmän kuin muut soittajat?

Kaikki mitä olet halunnut kysyä klassisesta musiikista, muttet ole tiennyt keneltä kysyä.

This book answers questions from real classical music lovers about things they have always wondered but didn't know whom to ask. The information in this book is not readily found in music history or appreciation books, nor can it be found on line. Questions explored are: Do string players in orchestras get paid more because they play more than other instruments? Why does an orchestra tune to an oboe when there are electronic tuners? How does a composer decide what key to compose in? Why is the 1812 Overture played on the 4th of July? And many, many more!
The answers represent behind the scenes, real world, insights into how classical musicians view and discuss these questions. There is even some insight into the jokes classical musicians find funny.
This book is intended for the person who loves listening to classical music, either live or recorded and will provide hours of enjoyment as the reader invariably shakes his or her head and asks in wonderment "Who knew!"

Chapter 1: The Orchestra and how it works
Chapter 2: The Maestro and Music Director
Chapter 3: The Opera and Diva
Chapter 4: The Composer
Chapter 5: The Performers
Chapter 6: The Instruments of the Orchestra
Chapter 7: The Music
Chapter 8: This and That
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Who Knew? Answers to Questions about Classical Music you Never Thought to Ask