Philip, Robert
Classical Music Lover's Companion to Orchestral Music

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1000 sivua, 400 teosta, 68 säveltäjää! Tämä kirja vetää orkesterientusiastia puoleensa! Nautittavaksi ennen konserttia tai konsertin jälkeen! Innostu, perehdy, sukella, briljeeraa, ylläty!

An invaluable guide for lovers of classical music designed to enhance their enjoyment of the core orchestral repertoire from 1700 to 1950

Robert Philip, scholar, broadcaster, and musician, has compiled an essential handbook for lovers of classical music, designed to enhance their listening experience to the full. Covering four hundred works by sixty-eight composers from Corelli to Shostakovich, this engaging companion explores and unpacks the most frequently performed works, including symphonies, concertos, overtures, suites, and ballet scores. It offers intriguing details about each piece while avoiding technical terminology that might frustrate the non-specialist reader.

Philip identifies key features in each work, as well as subtleties and surprises that await the attentive listener, and he includes enough background and biographical information to illuminate the composers intentions. Organized alphabetically from Bach to Webern, this compendium will be indispensable for classical music enthusiasts, whether in the concert hall or enjoying recordings at home.

Robert Philip was a senior lecturer in music at the Open University, and is a well-known presenter on BBC Radio. He is the award-winning author of Performing Music in the Age of Recording and lives in Edinburgh, Scotland.
Classical Music Lover's Companion to Orchestral Music