Spectral immersions - A Comprehensive Guide to the Theory..(bass cl)

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Spectral Immersions is groundbreaking, multi-component, comprehensive research into the area of bass clarinet multiphonics. This resource addresses all of the past problems that have arisen with multiphonic usage in composition and, by means of a complete investigation and reanalysis, has taken a step towards correcting these problems and thus encouraged composers to regain lost confidence in this technique. This is a project that looks at and reanalyses past charts and their problems, analyses previously uncharted fingering combinations using up-to-date technology and commissions and records new works.

The intention of this project is to have a final outcome which will mean that composers can successfully explore the use of multiphonics in a variety of different ways in their music and also that both composers and performers will have an accurate publication to refer to and use in the future.