Piccolo & Alto Flute Audition

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Henrik Wiese once again draws on his wealth of experience as a flutist and pedagogue: with his book The Piccolo & Alto Flute Audition, he has compiled a total of 207 audition excerpts in a carefully edited and clearly arranged compendium. In alphabetical order, it contains standard passages from orchestral works of various genres throughout music history, both common and less frequently requested. This up-to-date collection is a reliable companion and indispensable for optimal preparation for international auditions of all kinds at the opera, with symphony or chamber orchestras.
Easy-to-read, uniform and modern layout make the edition convenient to use. The critical report and chronological list of audition excerpts for quicker stylistic classification make the editor a comprehensive coach for flutists. Numerous other tips and remarks gained by Wiese from his practical experience and exchange with colleagues and students complete the book. International demand is fulfilled by the texts being in three languages (German, French, English), thus making The Piccolo & Alto Flute Audition the equivalent of the already established edition The Flute Audition.
Piccolo & Alto Flute Audition