Techniques of Bassoon Playing (fg+2CD)

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Pascal Gallois is one of the leading international bassoonists. His book on the bassoon, which is the latest in the Bärenreiter series of books on instrument playing techniques, systematically explains for the first time all the playing techniques and different ways of creating sound on the instrument. Using appropriate examples, it shows the player how to master these techniques and provides information for composers about the instruments possibilities as well as special notation.

The book contains a CD recorded by Pascal Gallois with examples of sound techniques and information. This long-awaited book will be an essential tool for composers, interpreters and teachers, as well as for conductors, who want to keep abreast of the latest technical possibilities on the bassoon.

- Comprehensive description of all relevant, new playing techniques on the bassoon
- Clear explanation of special tonal effects and practice tips to try out
- CDs with examples of all playing techniques
- Tried and tested on all common makes of bassoon, with tips for all instruments in the bassoon family
- Text in three languages (Ger/Eng/Fr)
Techniques of Bassoon Playing (fg+2CD)