Progressive Quartets (vla)

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Kokoelma sisältää 36 kappaletta, joiden vaikeusaste kasvaa asteittain.

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36 Quartets That Can Be Played by
Any Combination of String Instruments

These versatile quartets are written so that they can be performed by any combination of four string instruments. Arranged by string pedagogue Doris Gazda, these pieces will sound full and satisfying with only four players all the way up to a full string orchestra. The selection of music in this collection covers a wide variety of musical styles that will provide hours of enjoyment and performance options. Progressively organized by level of difficulty as the performers advance in their skills, these quartets are a welcome addition to the repertoire of all string players


There's Music in the Air (TraditionalAmerican Song)
Carey: America ("God Save the Queen")
The Fox (American Fiddle Tune)
Early One Morning (English FolkTune)
Cindy (American Folk Song)
Foster: Oh! Susanna
The Wabash Cannonball (American Folk Song)
Kelley: Home on the Range
Monnoye: Pat-A-Pat
Fum! Fum! Fum! (Catalonian Carol)
Spilman (Flow Gently Sweet Afton)
Go Down Moses (American Spritual)
Santa Lucia (Neapolitan Boat Song)
The Boll Weevil (Traditional Blues Song)
Geisler: The Orchestra
Grieg: Sailor's Song
Two French Carols:
- Bring a Torch, Jeanette Isabella
- March of the Kings
Foster: Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair
Gluck: Musette
Humperdinck: Evening Prayer (from Hänsel und Grätel)
Mozart: Lullaby
Mozart: Minuet (from Don Giovanni)
Schumann: The Reaper's Song
Viennese Refrain (Austrian Folk Song)
Schubert: German Dance
Offenbach: Barcarolle (from Tales of Hoffman)
Dussek: Polka
Gluck: Gavotte
Tsaikovski: Chanson Triste op 40/2
Mendelssohn: Intermezzo (from Midsummer Night's Dream)
Mozart: Gavotte (from Les petits riens KV 299b)
Progressive Quartets (vla)