Viiuliaabits (Violin ABC)(vl,pf)

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Violin ABC is a volume of pedagogical repertoire based on contemporary methods, compiled in order to facilitate teaching the violin to children.

The volume consists of 55 pieces of music, including folk tunes (songs, dances and gamesongs) from Estonia and other countries, as well as children's songs by recognised Estonian composers. The selection of pieces serves the purpose of teaching the necessary technical skills through good music, and is designed to keep up the joy of music during the process of technical training.

Violin ABC has been tested in practical training and compiled with the hope of keeping the first satges of learning to play the violin - that fine sophisticated art - as enjoyable as possible.

Ivi Tivik
Associate Professor Emeritus of Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre
Viiuliaabits (Violin ABC)(vl,pf)