Duets for Fun (2vc)

ED 13885
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F. Couperin: Matelotte
J.-B. Bréval: 3 Easy Duets
J. Haydn: Andante
J. Reinagle: Duetto, op. 2/1
H. Regner: High Spirits
G. Koeppen: Sandpit Rockers
L. Amanti: Try to keep this one
Anonymous: Polonaise
L. Mozart: Trumpet Tune
G. Koeppen: Rodeo
M. Franck: Galliarda
P. Peuerl: Padovan
F. Cupis: Duo
G.B. Somis: Sonata
J. Reinagle: Duetto 9, op. 2/9 (2nd movement, Allegro)
J. Offenbach: Allegretto from Duo, op. 49/1
G. Koeppen: Pickpocket Rag
Anonymous: Gavotte; Gigue
G. Koeppen: Slow-Paced Ride; Little Nipper
Anonymous: Allegretto
V. Rathgeber: Aria
G. Koeppen: Let's Boogie
J. Reinagle: Grazioso from 12 Cello Duets, op. 2/10
J. Reinagle: Duetto 3, op. 2/3 (1st movement, Allegro moderato)
J.-B. Bréval: Mosso from Easy Pieces
J. Offenbach: Duo, op. 49/2
A. Nölck: Study in C major
G. Koeppen: Walzer for Anoushka
G. Koeppen: School's Out
Traditional: Sailor's Hornpipe
B. Stiastny: Canon
S. Lanzetti: Allegro
G. Koeppen: bath Time
G. Koeppen: Grandma's Tune
G. Koeppen: Irish Tune
G. Koeppen: Hopping Dance
J. Reinagle: Menuetto
D. Gabrielli: Canon à due violoncelli
J. Hook: Rondo from Six Easy Duets, op. 58/8
A. Nölck: Study in G minor
G. Koeppen: Grandma's Gramophone
W.A. Mozart: 'Longing for Spring'
B. Romberg: Study in G major
F.A. Kummer: Study in C major
G. Koeppen: Picnic by the Volga River
C. Schetky: Duetto in G major, op. 7/2
J. Hook: Duetto, op. 58/4