Salon latino - 3 spicy pieces (tr,pf)

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I Salsa y Guacamole
II Fresas con Crema
III Tequila y Tacos

Tuomas Turriago's Salon Latino for Trumpet and Piano (2021) was composed between 2017 and 2021. The first movement Salsa y Guacamole combines jazz and samba, the second movement Fresas con Crema is a slow Venezuelan merengue and the finale Tequila y Tacos is a joropo from the eastern llanos of Colombia. The first two movements serve very well as student material for young trumpetists.

The movements of the work can be performed separately. This product includes the trumpet part (both in Bb and in C) and the piano accompaniment.
Salon latino - 3 spicy pieces (tr,pf)