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Kosketinsoittimet - Ostinato nuottikauppa >

Classical Piano Music for the Christmas Season (pf)

ALF 23223
Hinta: 25,40 €
Ei varastossa. Toimitusaika 7-14 vrk.
Klassiset säveltäjät ovat kirjoittaneet jouluaiheista musiikkia jo ainakin neljän vuosisadan ajan. Tähän vihkoon on koottu valikoima parhaimpia hengellisiä ja maallisia jouluisia kappaleita pianolle.


A Christmas Gift [Op. 7] John Knowles Paine (composer)
Noël Louis-Claude Daquin (composer)
Now Tell Us, Gentle Mary, César Franck
Old Christmas Carol , César Franck
Pifa , George Frederic Handel
Romanian Christmas Carols, Béla Bartók
Rustic Serenade to the Virgin Mary, Hector Berlioz
Silent Night [Op. 17, No. 9] , Max Reger
Sonata Pastorale, Domenico Scarlatti
Swiss NoëL, Louis-Claude Daquin
The Christmas Tree [Op. 36, No. 2, Niels Gade
The Shepherds at the Manger, Franz Liszt
The Sussex Mummers' Christmas Carol, Percy Grainger
Whence Comes This Rush of Wings? , César Franck
A Music Box Gift, Vladimir Rebikov
A Rose Is Gently Blooming [Op. 122, No. 8] , Johannes Brahms
Around the Christmas Tree [Op. 216, No. 6] , Joachim Raff
Children Playing Around the Christmas Tree , Vladimir Rebikov
Christmas Carol from Anjou, César Franck
Christmas Chimes [Op. 36, No. 1] , Niels Gade
Christmas Sonatina [Op. 251, No. 3] , Carl Reinecke
Christmas Song, Franz Liszt
Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy [Op. 71a, No. 3] , Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Happiness at Christmas [Op. 72, No. 1] , Felix Mendelssohn
Knecht Ruprecht [Op. 68, No. 12] , Robert Schumann
Les Pifferari , Charles Gounod
Let Our Gladness Know No End, Robert Führer
Classical Piano Music for the Christmas Season (pf)