Klomp Carsten
Organ Playing from the very beginning

BU 2990
Hinta: 34,00 €
The new, modern Organ Playing from the Very Beginning course by Carsten Klomp is designed for beginners of alla ages. No previous experience on the piano is required.

The title says it all: "from the very beginning"...
- "real" music is made: no dry fingering exercises, but short compositions of gradually increasing levels of difficulty and in a well-thought-out sequence for learning purposes
- attention is paid to the stylistic diversity of organ music: the pieces range from little chorale arrangements and character pieces to simple dances and carillions and brief excursions into swing and rock music
- pedalling, ear training and improvisations are integrated into the lessons in simple, motivating exercises
- music theory and organ theory are taught in a playful and humorous way, providing a holistic training course for the organist
Organ Playing from the very beginning