HerStory: The Piano Collection

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Her Story: The Piano Collection presents invaluable repertoire by remarkable female composers across the ages. This important collection is progressively graded, suitable for intermediate to advanced level players (approximately Grade 4 to Grade 8) and also features a piano duet and a trio for piano, clarinet and viola/cello. Each piece is accompaned by a fascinating snapshot of the composer, providing invaluable insights into how they lived and composed, alongside quotes from them or about them. In addition there are suggestions of other pieces to try, personal observations from Karen Marshall and pedagogical activies and suggestions. Marguerite Balutet · Amy Beach · Anna Amalia of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel · Cécile Chaminade · Louise Farrenc · Elisabetta de Gambarini · Elena Gnesina · Margarida Gonçalves · Francisca Gonzaga · Élisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre · Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel · Maria Park Hester · Augusta Holmès · Marie Jaëll · Josephine Lang · Inga Lærum Liebich · Marianna Martines · Emily Pedersen · Dora Pejaevi · Florence Price · Florence P Rea · Clara Schumann · Ethel Smyth · Barbara Strozzi · Paula Szalit · Maria Szymanowska · Germaine Tailleferre · Nannie Louise Wright Karen Marshall is an experienced piano teacher with pupils ranging from five to 72 years. She is a teacher trainer for the British Dyslexia Assocation, a regular speaker and workshop presenter and has been widely published.

1. Villanelle [Marguerite Balutet]
2. Grazioso from Sonata No. 2 [Elisabetta de Gambarini]
3. Étude in C, Op. 50, No. 1 [Louise Farrenc]
4. The Banjo Op. 74 No. 4 [Nannie Louise Wright]
5. Berceuse Op. 2 [Dora Pejaevi]
6. Menuet from Suite in G minor [Élisabeth Jacquet de La Guerre]
7. Étude in D minor, Op. 50, No. 11 [Louise Farrenc]
8. Invention [Ethel Smyth]
9. Surgite, Surgite [Barbara Strozzi]
10. The Wood Nymphs Harp [Florence P Rea]
11. Levee Dance [Florence Price]
12. Columbine [Amy Beach]
13. The Spinning Top [Elena Gnesina]
14. O Virtuo Sapientiae [Margarida Gonçalves]
15. Now Think [Emily Pedersen]
16. Aubade [Cécile Chaminade]
17. Waltz Caprice Op. 2 No. 2 [Clara Schumann]
18. Valse [Maria Szymanowska]
19. Juninat (June Night) [Inga Lærum Liebich]
20. Andante cantabile from Sonata No.2 [Maria Hester Park]
21. Mélodie Op. 4 No. 2 [Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel]
22. Tempo di Minuetto from Sonata in A major [Marianna Martines]
23. Heloisa (Valsa de salão) [Francisca Gonzaga]
24. Lied Op. 35 [37], No. 1 [Josephine Lang]
25. Intermezzo (Op. 3 No. 3) [Paula Szalit]
26. Sospiro (Tango) [Francisca Gonzaga]
27. Prélude (Ce que lon entendit dans la nuit de Noël) [Augusta Holmès]
28. Pastorale [Germaine Tailleferre]
29. Waltz No. 9 [Marie Jaëll]
30. Divertimento [Anna Amalia von Braunschweig-Wolfenbüttel]
HerStory: The Piano Collection